We are a privately held telecommunications technology investment, management, and development company.

  We work with strategic sellers to acquire undermanaged or underperforming businesses that provide mission-critical telecommunications solutions and services. The selection criteria requires that these businesses have a recurring revenue base and have an existing customer base with long term and favorable relationships. Our strategy is to assemble a complete portfolio of equipment and systems to provide wireless service providers with a one-stop source for video, voice and data networking systems.

  Our portfolio includes companies and product lines that represent presence in over 100 countries worldwide, and which products and services are utilized by over one million end user customers.

  Our Current Acquisition Portfolio Includes...

confier logo A wireless telecommunications subscriber equipment design and manufacturing company. Product emphasis is on active subscriber electronics, antennas, and customer premise installation accessories. Disciplines include video, voice, and data networks. A market leader known worldwide since 1977.
emcee logo A broadcast and RF communications equipment and services company with global recognition since 1960. The product line spans VHF, UHF, and millimeter wave bands. EMCEE is an industry leader with products installed in over 80 countries.
A wireless telecommunications systems integration and hardware/software development group. This division supplies world class and innovative network equipment and systems.
pct logo Precision Communications Technology is a subsystems engineering and services company providing special engineering services and customer support.
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